What's the time and date of the event?
The festivities will begin at 2 pm on Saturday, April 4, 2015.

Where is it?
Skamania County Fairgrounds, Exhibit Hall.  720 SW Rock Creek Drive, Stevenson, Washington 98648

Can we bring kids to the event?
No.  The Iron Man Strong Ale Festival is a 21+ event with a valid, state-issued ID.  Childcare is not provided.  

Who benefits from the proceeds of the event?
Profits from each years Iron Man Strong Ale Festival support future Iron Man festivals and supports a scholarship in Jim Caldwells name.

What form of payment do you accept?
Cash is King at the Iron Man.  Convenient ATM machines can be found on your way to the event at Riverview Community Bank, IQ Credit Union, Umpqua Bank and Main Street Market.  You may also get "cash back" on purchases made at the A&J Select Market.

I'm not hungry or thirsty.  Do I still have to pay admission?
Yes.  While primarily, this is an event to celebrate the life and memories of our good friend, Jim Caldwell - proceeds raised funds the continuation of the event and support a scholarship in Jim's name.  

Can I use my drink tickets for food?
Nope, sorry.  Some vendors may choose to accept plastic payment but to make sure you don't miss out, cash is always your safest bet.

Can I bring coolers to keep my delicious samples of Iron Man Strong Ales or store my own mix of food and beverages?
Nope, sorry.

Do I need to bring a chair?
No, it's not necessary.  

What's the dress code?
The Exhibit Hall is indoors, but can be drafty so to make sure your comfortable - don't forget your jacket.  Layers are always recommended here in the Gorge anyway, especially in Springtime!

Can I bring my dog to the event?
Only if they are involved in guiding, aiding and interpreting.

I've spent all of my tickets, I'm Maintaining and I want to taste more. Now what?
More tickets are available for sale inside the event.  If you're done with our party, we want you to explore and discover the beautiful city of Stevenson, much of which, is a short walk from the fairgrounds. We will not tolerate drinking and driving and ask you to look out for your neighbors and give them a hand if they need one.  

I've spent enough of my tickets, and I'm feeling the grip of the Iron Man. Now what?
Don't drink and drive.  EVER!  Stay with us for a while and soak up your buzz with a plate full of gourmet food from our vendors and once you've got your grub on...kick back with us and enjoy the rest of the bands, get up and DANCE and bask in the celebration of our friend, Jim. 

Will you buy my unspent tickets when I'm ready to leave?
We're sorry, no.  (But nice try!)